Last Minute Gift Ideas! His and Hers!

I’m the world’s biggest procrastinator and ordered my first holiday gifts yesterday.  If you are a last minute shopper, I got you.  SSENSE is my go to for last minute shopping.  They have the fastest shipping out of any site.  Not sure how they do it, but it often comes overnight! They have men’s Gucci Marmont belts in black and brown for $50 under retail.  Here are my picks for men and women.



Gucci Deals:


INTERMIX exclusives and current picks


Thank you INTERMIX and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.  All my own picks.

INTERMIX has been one of my favorite sites to shop for years.  They have amazing exclusives, their own private label collection, and designers like Jimmy Choo and Golden Goose.  I have added some of my current picks below. They are having a great promotion right now where you can get up to 75% off markdowns, and using my code LUXESTYLE15, you can also get 15% off full-priced items from now until 12/31. I grabbed these Paris Texas INTERMIX exclusive sandals, and this Ganni skirt, to add to my current animal print obsession.  Their cashmere sweaters are always a favorite of mine- I got this one to pair with my sandals and skirt.

Sale Picks:


Designer sales have started!

It’s go time!!!!  Designer Sales have started!!! My wallet is trembling. Hahaha.  These are the Black Friday sales.  Prices will not be lower for designer items on Black Friday.

YSL Sale link


Golden Goose For Less!

White pair $198 from Last Call. Kids pair $44 from Glamood.

I get asked a lot where to score Golden Goose for less. Sometimes, paying retail is necessary for certain items, but Golden Goose is not one of them.  They can always be found for less than US retail prices, even the classics. With prices less in Europe, and no duties under $800, makes finding Golden Goose under retail a breeze.  Finding deals under $300 can be a little more difficult, but not impossible.   Here are my go to sites for for Golden Goose deals, outside of the major department stores, and not during designer sale time.

  • Italist is the easiest way to find a lot of current season for less, including men’s and kid’s. Some states pay tax but shipping is free.
  • Giglio has great sales and often slightly lower retail at times. Duties included and free shipping. Men’s, women’s, and kid’s.
  • Shop Bop has them in the sale section sometimes.
  • YOOX is a great place to search and sometimes has them under $200!  Men’s, women’s and kid’s. Check back often they get lots of new items weekly.
  • Cettire is an Australian site with less than US retail prices. Men’s and women’s.
  • Harvey Nichols is a UK site with lower US retail prices for men’s and women’s.
  • End Clothing is a UK based men’s store with lower prices.
  • Gilt has men’s, women’s, and kid’s for less.
  • MCLabels is an Italian site with men’s and women’s.
  • Glamood is a European discount site. They have great deal sometimes on men’s, women’s, and kid’s.
  • Atterley is a UK site and currently has 10% off already lower US prices with code STEPUP. Men’s and women’s.
  • Coltorti has boutiques in Italy. Currently take 15% off with code LYST15. Men’s and women’s.
  • Net-A-Porter has 15% off now with code NEWNOW15 and The Modist has 15% off with code MODGIFT.


Grey Market Goods


Gucci Marmont belt retail $460 paid $329 from Jomashop


Where do stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Jomashop and other discount sites get their items? How do you know the items on these sites are authentic? How does Costco have Birkin bags and Prada for sale? This is a question I get asked a lot. Often, these items come from what is called the grey market, and all the items are authentic.

The typical chain of retail is designers sells to authorized sellers, such as Nordstrom or smaller boutiques, then direct to customers. In the grey market, those authorized sellers often off-load the merchandise in bulk to grey market sellers.  It could be past season merchandise that didn’t sell or current season items.  The current season items could be bought direct from the authorized seller. There is no secret the mark-up in fashion is huge.

These authorized sellers only have a limited amount of time to sell items in order to bring in the new, or meet the sale quotas designers have.  This is a big chunk of where the grey market sellers get their goods.  Authorized sellers need to get rid of unsold items fast and selling them in bulk to 3rd party sellers is the easiest way.  Also, the price advantage of items bought from European authorized sellers and sold to the US market is another grey area.

Before I purchase from one of these sites I do lots of research. I check reviews, check if the address and phone number are real, how long have they been in business, and are they active on social media. Remember, I take reviews with a grain of salt. No site is without bad reviews, and people typically only review when they are mad. I look more for reviews if the items are fake, than customer service. Every site has someone claiming fake items are sold, but are there way more positive reviews.  If I am ever in doubt, I pay to have the item authenticated.  I typically do this for the first and second purchase to make sure. Paying for authenticating is worth the peace of mind.

Is this legal? It’s grey…hahah.  Most of the time designers look away and know this is happening. In the end it’s good for their bottom line.  If these sites were selling fakes the designers would be coming after them. The fact that they have been around for years without designers harassing them or shutting them down says a lot.  The Fashion Law wrote a great article on this subject here.

Happy Shopping!


Where to score sale Louboutin’s online!

Retail $675 paid $168.99!
Christian Louboutin can be hard to find on sale, especially online. They are out there but take a little more digging.  Besides all the major department stores, I linked places that I look for sale Loubs below.  Shhhh.  This is one of my best secrets and it pays off sometimes. I have scored some great deals on Loubs this way.  I have no idea why, but sometimes if you google “ Christian Louboutin” you will see items on Last Call that are not there if you go straight to the site.  Some of them ship and some don’t.  If you see a ? on your order email, they won’t ship.  A good way to know if they are in stock is if they have whatever the current discount promo is applied.  Currently, the ones that have the extra 20% off are the only ones in stock.  Some styles will let you check out, but have been there forever, and don’t ship.  Happy shopping!
  • Italist has current season for less and great sales.
  • Giglio has lower prices and sale pairs are an extra 20% off with code 20MORE.
  • The Outnet has styles for less.
  • YOOX has lower prices and great sales.
  • Century 21 has flash sales.
  • Last Call, Off 5th, and Nordstrom Rack have them occasionally online for great prices, but sell super fast!
  • ROAN, Joseph, and Coplon’s are small boutiques that have great online deals during sale time.
  • Shop 375 has sales and great daily deals.


Redweek! Best kept travel secret!

Redweek! My best kept travel secret!  This is the first place I check before booking any hotel.  This website will save you thousands!  I got introduced to Redweek when I first stayed at a timeshare in Maui.  I had my first son at the time, and staying in one hotel room seemed difficult with a baby.  I was so scared to move and wake him.  Hahahah. First time Mom. Now, I have 3 kids!  I’m not scared to wake them but traveling in one hotel room is not an option for us anymore.  We need a little more space.  If you have kids and need more than a single room you know how expensive booking suites or connecting rooms can be.  Booking timeshare rooms was the solution I needed.

Redweek is a website that individual owners and brokers lease timeshare rooms for a fraction of what booking a hotel room or suite cost.  Prices vary as it’s individuals leasing their owned time.  No need to buy in or sit through a timeshare pitch. Many are hotels and timeshares on the same property.  It’s simply renting a hotel room.  The best part of many timeshare hotels is the amount of space and amenities you receive.  We travel often and timeshare hotels have so many activities for kids, including kids clubs with child care. If you are traveling with no kids its still a great place to book.  You can get an even better deal on a studio.

Often, these rooms come with a kitchen, washer and dryer, and multiple bathrooms, which all are key for me when traveling with kids.  They are more like condos than a basic hotel room.  Here is the room we are staying in now.  It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, washer and dryer, and family room.  The couch in the family room and bedroom both pull out to beds.

Now, the best part, the PRICE!!!  We got this room (in the video) at the Newport Ocean Villas for $1600 for 7 nights, no tax and no resort fees. $1600 flat! This is an area where it’s hard to find a hotel near the beach (with amenities and pool) for under $500 a night, for a basic hotel room.  If you were to book this exact room on Marriott’s website it would have been $5,041 after tax. On the left (below) is Marriott’s pricing and the right (below) is the rental agreement I paid for $1600.  Same exact room but saved thousands. We are very last minute travelers and sometimes that pays off.  Owners needing to get rid of a trip last minute sometimes drop prices low.

Redweek has thousands of locations all over the world including luxury properties like Four Seasons and Ritz hotels.  Here is another comparison of savings at the Ritz in St. Thomas.  The left is what it would cost if you booked on the Ritz website, and the right is the same room if you booked on Redweek.  Booking on the Ritz website would cost you $29,077 and on Redweek the same entire week is $4300.  That is a crazy amount of savings!  There are lots of deals and some amazing resorts in Mexico that are around $900 for the whole week!

Here is how booking on Redweek works.  You have to set up an account in order to view listings. If you want to book you need to pay $18.99 for a year subscription, that is worth every penny!  From there you can search and start messaging timeshare owners.  When I find a time and location I am interested in, I message a few different owners.  It should be easy and I do it all over email.  Sometimes, they ask to call but I request it done over email. Since you are working with individuals you do need to protect yourself.  There are scammers so you need to be careful.  Redweek does have a section on the site about protecting yourself.

When you are ready to book they will ask for the name you want on the reservation, address, and phone number.  They will send a rental agreement that you will need to sign and return.  Since it’s a timeshare read the cancellation policy.   You may want want to buy trip insurance since most trips are non-refundable once paid.  I only pay using PayPal since it covers you, if it’s a scam.  I’ve booked a lot and never been scammed, but it does happen.  DO NOT pay by bank transfer, Zelle, or Venmo you will not be protected.  After payment, the owner will put your name on the reservation. You should receive an email from the hotel with your reservation details.  This whole process should take about 24 hours or less.  Once I receive the reservation confirmation and number, I call the resort direct to make sure my name is on the reservation and the dates are correct.  From there you are all set.  You will have two names on the reservation, which will be yours and the actual owners.  That is normal. The process is easy and once you do it once you will be hooked!

If you come to Orange County, CA here are some places close by I shopped and loved.  Nordstrom Rack and Off 5th in Costa Mesa had lots of great designer items including Louboutin’s and Valentino.  The Outlets at Orange had a great Last Call with tons of designer clothes.  Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza are full price malls with tons of designer stores.  Both these malls get lots of designer items and during sale time are amazing to shop.

Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions leave them on the Instagram post.  Might be helpful for others to see the answers. Safe travels!

Gucci Deals

Retail $820 paid $274
Online Gucci sale items are hard to find these days.  Some of my favorite sites (besides department stores) for Gucci deals are below.


Hermès US Summer Sale

IMG_8734 2

The Hermès US summer sale is coming to New Jersey 7/25 – 7/28!  This is a sale you don’t want to miss!  Prices are 50%-70% off retail.  Most shoes, accessories, and jewelry are 50% off and clothing up to 70% off.  No bags are ever at the sale.  The sale is held off site and not in the actual retail store.  Read on for my experience attending last summer’s sale and some tips to shopping the sale. Time and location of sale:

Thur 7/25 – Sun 7/28
Thur-Sat 10am-9pm Sun 10am-7pm

1200 Morris Turnpike
Short Hill, New Jersey
(not in actual retail store but somewhere in the mall, look for signs)

Here is a glimpse inside last year’s sale.  There were a lot of shoes including Oran sandals 50% off.  No classic colors, only seasonal colors and styles.  Lots of Clic Clacs, enamel bracelets, and leather bracelets all 50% off.  A large selection of silks 50% off, and clothes were all around 70% off retail. They had a good selection of men’s shoes as well.

Here are my tips for shopping the sale:

  • Arrive very early the line starts hours before the sale.  I was in line at 7am and waited 5 hours to get in.  Had I been there at 6am I would have been the first group let in.
  • There are separate lines inside the sale. Lines for silks, shoes, and jewelry.  Head to what you really want first. The Oran sandals went quick.
  • They restock constantly throughout the sale.  I checked back and kept asking employees about shoes.  They bought my size out from back. They have a lot more shoes than what is on the floor.  They were still opening shipments and restocking while I was there.
  • There are limits of each type of item per person.  I dragged my husband so I could increase my limits. Haha.  Bring someone along if you want more than the allotted limits.

Is the sale worth it? YES!!!!  I would wait 5 hours again in a heartbeat!  It was a fun experience and the time went by fast chatting with everyone in line.  They do a good job of keeping the crowds down in the sale, so it doesn’t feel super chaotic.  Here is some of what came home with me from last year’s sale! All 50% off!!!

Summer outlet sales

Here is what I got this week at the summer outlet sales.  We all saw the Gucci outlet markdowns but there are some other great buys this week as well.


Happy first day of summer!  Some good markdowns and summer sales have started at the outlets.  Jimmy Choo outlet is having 40-50% off outlet prices, and an additional 10% off if you buy 2 or more items.  Clearly, I had to buy 2.  After the discounts, the blue sandals were $125 and the neon pumps were $135.  Total retail for both was $1445 and I paid $260! My local Jimmy Choo outlet doesn’t ship but some locations take phone orders.

Prada outlet also added sales items and an additional 20% off select items. Lots of clothes and shoes, but not many bags and more funky styles.  Men had a good selection of jackets around $400. These Birkenstock looking Prada sandals were a great deal at $168. I got the camo sock sneakers for $112 down from $795 and the gold espadrilles for $136 down from $570.  Prada outlets do phone orders if you call.

Some amazing deals at Barney’s Warehouse this week.  They are having 70% off plus an additional 40% off!!!  This sale is online and in store. You can shop some of my online picks below.  Great deals on clothes and shoes!  I grabbed the red Alaïa sandals for $135 down from $1130!

Happy summer shopping!