Redweek! Best kept travel secret!

Redweek! My best kept travel secret!  This is the first place I check before booking any hotel.  This website will save you thousands!  I got introduced to Redweek when I first stayed at a timeshare in Maui.  I had my first son at the time, and staying in one hotel room seemed difficult with a baby.  I was so scared to move and wake him.  Hahahah. First time Mom. Now, I have 3 kids!  I’m not scared to wake them but traveling in one hotel room is not an option for us anymore.  We need a little more space.  If you have kids and need more than a single room you know how expensive booking suites or connecting rooms can be.  Booking timeshare rooms was the solution I needed.

Redweek is a website that individual owners and brokers lease timeshare rooms for a fraction of what booking a hotel room or suite cost.  Prices vary as it’s individuals leasing their owned time.  No need to buy in or sit through a timeshare pitch. Many are hotels and timeshares on the same property.  It’s simply renting a hotel room.  The best part of many timeshare hotels is the amount of space and amenities you receive.  We travel often and timeshare hotels have so many activities for kids, including kids clubs with child care. If you are traveling with no kids its still a great place to book.  You can get an even better deal on a studio.

Often, these rooms come with a kitchen, washer and dryer, and multiple bathrooms, which all are key for me when traveling with kids.  They are more like condos than a basic hotel room.  Here is the room we are staying in now.  It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, washer and dryer, and family room.  The couch in the family room and bedroom both pull out to beds.

Now, the best part, the PRICE!!!  We got this room (in the video) at the Newport Ocean Villas for $1600 for 7 nights, no tax and no resort fees. $1600 flat! This is an area where it’s hard to find a hotel near the beach (with amenities and pool) for under $500 a night, for a basic hotel room.  If you were to book this exact room on Marriott’s website it would have been $5,041 after tax. On the left (below) is Marriott’s pricing and the right (below) is the rental agreement I paid for $1600.  Same exact room but saved thousands. We are very last minute travelers and sometimes that pays off.  Owners needing to get rid of a trip last minute sometimes drop prices low.

Redweek has thousands of locations all over the world including luxury properties like Four Seasons and Ritz hotels.  Here is another comparison of savings at the Ritz in St. Thomas.  The left is what it would cost if you booked on the Ritz website, and the right is the same room if you booked on Redweek.  Booking on the Ritz website would cost you $29,077 and on Redweek the same entire week is $4300.  That is a crazy amount of savings!  There are lots of deals and some amazing resorts in Mexico that are around $900 for the whole week!

Here is how booking on Redweek works.  You have to set up an account in order to view listings. If you want to book you need to pay $18.99 for a year subscription, that is worth every penny!  From there you can search and start messaging timeshare owners.  When I find a time and location I am interested in, I message a few different owners.  It should be easy and I do it all over email.  Sometimes, they ask to call but I request it done over email. Since you are working with individuals you do need to protect yourself.  There are scammers so you need to be careful.  Redweek does have a section on the site about protecting yourself.

When you are ready to book they will ask for the name you want on the reservation, address, and phone number.  They will send a rental agreement that you will need to sign and return.  Since it’s a timeshare read the cancellation policy.   You may want want to buy trip insurance since most trips are non-refundable once paid.  I only pay using PayPal since it covers you, if it’s a scam.  I’ve booked a lot and never been scammed, but it does happen.  DO NOT pay by bank transfer, Zelle, or Venmo you will not be protected.  After payment, the owner will put your name on the reservation. You should receive an email from the hotel with your reservation details.  This whole process should take about 24 hours or less.  Once I receive the reservation confirmation and number, I call the resort direct to make sure my name is on the reservation and the dates are correct.  From there you are all set.  You will have two names on the reservation, which will be yours and the actual owners.  That is normal. The process is easy and once you do it once you will be hooked!

If you come to Orange County, CA here are some places close by I shopped and loved.  Nordstrom Rack and Off 5th in Costa Mesa had lots of great designer items including Louboutin’s and Valentino.  The Outlets at Orange had a great Last Call with tons of designer clothes.  Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza are full price malls with tons of designer stores.  Both these malls get lots of designer items and during sale time are amazing to shop.

Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions leave them on the Instagram post.  Might be helpful for others to see the answers. Safe travels!

Gucci Deals

Retail $820 paid $274
Online Gucci sale items are hard to find these days.  Some of my favorite sites (besides department stores) for Gucci deals are below.


Hermès US Summer Sale

IMG_8734 2

The Hermès US summer sale is coming to New Jersey 7/25 – 7/28!  This is a sale you don’t want to miss!  Prices are 50%-70% off retail.  Most shoes, accessories, and jewelry are 50% off and clothing up to 70% off.  No bags are ever at the sale.  The sale is held off site and not in the actual retail store.  Read on for my experience attending last summer’s sale and some tips to shopping the sale. Time and location of sale:

Thur 7/25 – Sun 7/28
Thur-Sat 10am-9pm Sun 10am-7pm

1200 Morris Turnpike
Short Hill, New Jersey
(not in actual retail store but somewhere in the mall, look for signs)

Here is a glimpse inside last year’s sale.  There were a lot of shoes including Oran sandals 50% off.  No classic colors, only seasonal colors and styles.  Lots of Clic Clacs, enamel bracelets, and leather bracelets all 50% off.  A large selection of silks 50% off, and clothes were all around 70% off retail. They had a good selection of men’s shoes as well.

Here are my tips for shopping the sale:

  • Arrive very early the line starts hours before the sale.  I was in line at 7am and waited 5 hours to get in.  Had I been there at 6am I would have been the first group let in.
  • There are separate lines inside the sale. Lines for silks, shoes, and jewelry.  Head to what you really want first. The Oran sandals went quick.
  • They restock constantly throughout the sale.  I checked back and kept asking employees about shoes.  They bought my size out from back. They have a lot more shoes than what is on the floor.  They were still opening shipments and restocking while I was there.
  • There are limits of each type of item per person.  I dragged my husband so I could increase my limits. Haha.  Bring someone along if you want more than the allotted limits.

Is the sale worth it? YES!!!!  I would wait 5 hours again in a heartbeat!  It was a fun experience and the time went by fast chatting with everyone in line.  They do a good job of keeping the crowds down in the sale, so it doesn’t feel super chaotic.  Here is some of what came home with me from last year’s sale! All 50% off!!!

Summer outlet sales

Here is what I got this week at the summer outlet sales.  We all saw the Gucci outlet markdowns but there are some other great buys this week as well.


Happy first day of summer!  Some good markdowns and summer sales have started at the outlets.  Jimmy Choo outlet is having 40-50% off outlet prices, and an additional 10% off if you buy 2 or more items.  Clearly, I had to buy 2.  After the discounts, the blue sandals were $125 and the neon pumps were $135.  Total retail for both was $1445 and I paid $260! My local Jimmy Choo outlet doesn’t ship but some locations take phone orders.

Prada outlet also added sales items and an additional 20% off select items. Lots of clothes and shoes, but not many bags and more funky styles.  Men had a good selection of jackets around $400. These Birkenstock looking Prada sandals were a great deal at $168. I got the camo sock sneakers for $112 down from $795 and the gold espadrilles for $136 down from $570.  Prada outlets do phone orders if you call.

Some amazing deals at Barney’s Warehouse this week.  They are having 70% off plus an additional 40% off!!!  This sale is online and in store. You can shop some of my online picks below.  Great deals on clothes and shoes!  I grabbed the red Alaïa sandals for $135 down from $1130!

Happy summer shopping!

Designer Sales!!!

Past sale finds all 40-65% off!!!

Designer sale time has started!!!  These sales happen 2 times a year, and designers dictate how and when their items go on sale.  These sales run from May-July and Nov-Jan.  Most stores start within a few days of each other. This week is the start of pre-sell.  Barneys, Bergdorf, Neimans, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Saks and smaller boutiques like FWRD and  The Webster will all be holding sales. Designer boutiques like Saint Laurent and Louboutin will have sales as well, but start a little after dept. stores. Online retailers like Farfetch, SSENSE and Matches Fashion also hold sales.  Basically, anywhere that sells designers items will have sales. Many of these sites hold private sales first. Make sure you create accounts so you will be notified and have access when sales start.

The sales start in waves and the discounts typically start at 30-40% off retail.  I was shocked Bloomingdales started with 50% off Gucci!  After a few weeks, the prices get slashed to 60-70% off.  This is what second cuts means.  I generally hold out for this time. The gamble is you never know what is left or if they will have your size.  I love the thrill of the hunt and stalking my SA’s (sales associates) for these deals. Hahaha.

By the 21st of this month, the sales should be in full swing.  Louboutin’s sale should be starting around 5/24, though Nordstrom and Saks are already pre-selling.  As always, Chanel and Dior wait a bit longer to join in. No word on those dates yet (stay tuned.)  This week sales are in store only and then will go online, with a few exceptions.  Louboutin, Chanel, and Dior sales are never online.  For these deals, you will need to shop in person or through an SA.  Also, sales don’t typically include classic shoes or colors.  When Chanel puts espadrilles on sale they are the seasonal colors and styles.

The most requested thing I get when sales start is to share SA contacts. SA’s are the best way to score deals during this time.  I did a whole blog post here on how to find them if you are interested.  I also have made a list to share with you all.  This includes SA’s and personal stylist from several stores and some in Canada too.  You can never have enough contacts in my opinion.  🙂  Here is the list below with their Instagram handles!!!  The names with stars next to them I have personally shopped with before.  A quick way to know if someone is legit is to call the store direct and ask for them. That way you know they actually work in the store before handing over CC info.  Happy shopping and wishing you all deal hunting luck this sale season!!!!



Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 1.29.35 PM


Outlet Shopping…how to score the goods!

Not one of these came from any of my local stores.  They were shipped from a location out of state!  If you want to know how to shop outlets not in your area, or how to score deals when you do go…read on!

Gucci Ace sneakers retail $580 paid $302, Gucci pool slides retail $210 paid $84, Gucci Marmont  sandals retail $495 paid $198, and Louboutin Iriza retail $695 paid $337!!!

“I never find anything good when I go outlet shopping.”  This is one thing I hear over and over.  Not only outlet malls but stores like Nordstrom Rack, Last Call, Off 5th, etc.  If this is your experience there are a few things to change that luck.  When I first started outlet shopping I didn’t find much.  I then started to really pay attention to how outlets work and when new arrivals come in. Now, not all stores and locations are created equal.  If you live somewhere that doesn’t get designer items it can be harder, but not impossible. I know not everyone can visit as often as I do, so read on how to score these deals when you can’t visit, or increase your odds when you do go.  Here is how I shop and navigate outlets and discount stores:

  1. The more you go the more you find. Simple, but it works!  It’s a numbers games. The more often you go the more you find.  If I only went once every 2-3 months I would have missed thousands of items that have come and gone in between. Really great items at great prices don’t sit on the shelves long, if they ever hit the shelves at all.
  2. Don’t hit the shelves at all?  Yes, sometimes highly coveted items never get on the floor because sales associates are texting their favorite clients as they unbox.  That is who I strive to be and building relationships is key. I want those employees to think of me as they are unboxing. I know I’m next level crazy, but I’m on a first name basis with many employees in each store. Hahaha.  I walk in stores and they say “Hi Stacie”, that is where you want to be.  Being kind, not pushy, and patient goes a long way.  They have tough jobs in retail and deal with a lot of not nice people.  Be kind and easy to work with and they will help you out.  You don’t need to live close to these stores to form these relationships.  I work with sales associates from stores all over the country, and the majority I have never met.  We have a texting relationship. Get their numbers to text and get on their email list about sales.  If you want to know how to find sales associates here is a post I wrote about it.  Your life will become so much easier when you are sitting at home and a sales associate text you a picture of Louboutin’s in your size for $270. A quick text back and they are yours. Easy Peasy! You need to respond quick, like real quick! Most SA’s have my credit card and shipping info in their system, so all it takes is a yes via text, and they are on their way.
  3. Days, times, and months are not all created equal.  Most shipments come in during mid-week. Ask, they will tell you when most shipments come in.  Some stores get new items a few times a week and some once a week or less.  I have asked all the stores when they get most of their shipments.  Typically, these days are Tues-Thur for my locations.  These are my favorites days to go. Items have been replenished and less shoppers means more chance of snagging something good.  I never shop on weekends or Mondays typically.  All the items that have been stocked all week have been purchased by Friday and Saturday morning shoppers.  At my outlets you can’t even get a parking spot on the weekend.  Mid-week I pull up with front row spots. I like to be there when they open. I feel mornings are best and most organized.  They have stocked and prepped for the day.  Go before the lunch time buyers.  They will swoop in and take the good stuff.  Haha. I usually start when they open and out before noon.  I know not everyone can go during the day because of work, but mid-week evenings are better than weekends. There are better months than others as well, based on sales ending in department stores and new shipments to outlets.  There are 2 designer sale times a year in full line stores. May-July and Nov-Jan. The months following the end of these sales are the best time to go.  They get the most amount of new designer items in. February and August get large shipments of amazing designer items that were either late sale returns, or didn’t sell during the sale in full line stores.  During these months I visit a lot checking for new items.
  4. When you don’t live near outlets or stores that carry these items it’s going to take some work and time.  Again, building relationships with employees will make it a million times easier.  In the case with Last CallBarney’s Warehouse, and Saks off 5th there are select stores that get designer items.  Typically, these are the stores in outlet malls or near major cities. This will work for specific designer outlets like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo etc. as well.  Start calling these stores and asking to speak to someone about designer shoes/bags.  Call during non-busy times like right when they open on a weekday.  Ask them if they could please send you pictures of items they have, when they have time. If they say no call back another day.  Not all SA’s are willing to help. Keep calling until you find one that is willing to send you pictures.  Building these relationships before sales start is key.  If you try to call only during sale times when they are slammed you won’t get very far.  If they don’t know who you are they are less likely to help when they are busy during sales. If you are a client and have bought from them before they are way more likely to help.  Once you have bought a few things they will start to take you serious as a client.  Eventually, they will text/email when sales are going to happen or new items arrive. Right before sales start I always reach out and see if they can send pics of what might be going on sale, or if they can keep an eye out for my size shoe. Ask if they can hold or pre-sell the items, some stores do. For example, if I know a sale is starting the next day I will ask for some pictures of what they have.  I then ask if they can pre-sell and ship the day the sale starts.  This typically requires giving credit cad info before hand. Some will hold, charge once the sale starts, and then ship.  Not all do it, but keeping looking for sales associates until you have a good one that will. This takes time and does not happen overnight.  If you are willing to put the time in, it will pay off.

Finding amazing deals on a consistent basis is not about luck its about work!

Happy Shopping,

Stacie 🙂

How to start building a designer collection with very little money!

Is it possible to buy designer items, use them, and then make a profit?  YES!!!  That is exactly what I have done to build my designer collection.  Take these 4 pairs of shoes as an example.

Total retail value with my local tax:  $4107

Total I paid including my local tax:    $1163

Total estimate if sold pre-owned:       $1675

Total profit once I sell them worn:     $512  (if not more)


This is a post I have been wanting to do forever!  How I started building my designer collection with very little money.  It all started in January of 2014.  Before that time the only designer shoes I owned were Tory Burch and Burberry.  No Chanel, Gucci, or Louboutin shoes were in my closet.  I did have designer bags that were gifts from my husband. I am definitely the more practical of the 2, if you can believe that.  He had Gucci shoes and Louis Vuitton but I was wayyy too cheap to pay full price. Hahah. I have always been a deal hunter, but at the time I was not a designer deal hunter….YET!  Of course, those Tory Burch and Burberry’s were bought on sale!  I had taken a few pairs of Tory Burch to a local consignment store and they paid me 50% of the profit.  That didn’t seem like enough, so I started to search where I could sell and make more of a profit.

Ebay!  I had never bought or sold anything on Ebay before then.  I thought why not, seems easy enough.  I threw up 2 pairs of Reva’s and my daughters old Burberry bathing suit (I found at the Rack for a steal.)  They all sold that day!  What I realized is I way under priced them because I had no idea what I was doing.  Looking back that was a good thing.  In order to gain trust and positive reviews selling lower at first helped. Buyers are willing to take a risk on a new seller if prices are lower.  After those sold I was hooked! I went through my closet and sold everything that had been sitting there.

You all know I am bargain hunter and I was not about to take those profits and buy something full price.  After selling out my closet I had about $375. It was game on!  I wanted to see how far I could stretch that $375.  I went to the outlets and found some items. I know not everyone has access to outlets but there are so many good deals online as well. I spent all day shopping, and toward the end I went into the Burberry outlet.  Score!  The manager showed me a whole closet of boots that had been marked down to $99.  These were $1000 boots down to $99!!  That changed everything for me.  I now realized designer deal hunting was a thing. I bought 2 pairs.  One to keep and one to sell.  I know, I know, some of you don’t like resellers but its a big part of how I built my collection, and learned HOW to score deals.

I came home and put the boots on Ebay and they sold for $350. BOOM!  The rest is history.  I did Ebay for years part-time to make extra cash and cover my own habit that was starting to grow.  My kids were 4, 3, and 1 at the time, so I did this very part-time. I wasn’t a huge seller, only if I found really good deals here and there. I did eventually learn that designers don’t like, and are not allowed to sell to resellers.  I had no idea that was an issue until a few years later. I learned the hard way when I got a letter from Burberry saying I was no longer allowed in any of their stores, or it would be trespassing.  Hahaha…Whoops!.  That’s another story but I am allowed in now.  Hahahaha.  I don’t resell anymore.  I now spend my time sharing with all of you what I have learned.

You don’t have to resell outside of your own closet in order to build a collection either.  You can take profits from your own closet and keep flipping.  Those $99 boots I kept and wore for about a year.  I then sold them for $199 and made about $50.  That was mind blowing for me, that I could buy shoes, wear them, and then sell them and make a profit.  I became my own Rent the Runway.  Even now when I buy something I do a quick resell value in my head.  Take for instance those Jimmy Choo booties I bought the other day for $146.  I will wear them and when I’m done sell them for about $150. After fees and shipping its like I paid $49 for the boots.  See how that work in my crazy mind.  Sometimes, I make money off items I have worn and sometimes recoup almost all the cost.  Here are some examples below and estimates of what they might sell for. Depending on if you consign with places like The Real Real or Thred Up Luxe, or you sell on your own on Ebay, Poshmark, or Tradesy.

Gianvito Rossi Plexis are $330 on sale with code BYEWINTER. Average current commission return of pre-owned is about $200-300. Those Louboutin sneakers would get a return commission around $300-400 for pre-owned. Those you would about break even or make a little money on those after you were done wearing.  Now, buy them before I change my mind they are a size 38.  All of these are good prices and retain good resell value. Click these links to shop.

When I say my closet is in constant rotation this is what I mean.  I am constantly selling to fund new purchases. I know it must seem like I have a million things in my closet but I don’t.  I try to keep my shoes around 75 pairs.  That is a lot but I don’t think super crazy….or is it?  I try not to hold onto items before they lose their value.  Styles come and go and I don’t usually keep most items over a year.  If you wait the value goes down.  Classic styles like my black Loubs I keep.  Unless, I see new pair for a steal. I really love the thrill of the hunt and shopping, so being able to sell items from my closet allows me to keep doing what I love.  Bags are another story.  I don’t buy them as often and tend to not sell them.  Bags I buy and use for years.  I’m not a trendy bag kind of gal.

I do this with clothes as well, but not as much. I don’t have a ton of designer clothes because even on sale they are crazy expensive.  I am starting to buy and have more quality clothes. Buying more contemporary designers at really great prices.  They hold their value and can be sold and recoup most of your cost as well.  Not all brands are created equal. To get a gauge on how much an item will sell for check Ebay and Poshmark’s sold section.  Search for the item you are wanting to sell, then hit the sold button option. You will get an average of what that item sells for.

It didn’t happen overnight but slowly I kept buying, wearing, and selling.  I am to the point where my closet is self-sustaining for the most part.  I know it seems like I spend a ton but I am also constantly selling to fund new purchases.  Start slow and clean out your closet first.  Take that money and buy new designer items at a steal.  Keep repeating the process and your collection will start to build.  The better you get with deal hunting the more your collection will build.  I know Ebay, Poshmark, and Tradesy can all seem overwhelming to buy and sell on.  Also , where to consign, The Real Real, Thred Up, Fashionphile?  I am working on a long overdue post about where to sell/buy with pros and cons for each, as well as how to start.  You have so much value sitting in your closet!!!

No to Fakes!!!!

What’s the harm in buying a fake Gucci belt?  It helps advertise the brand and saves me money…right?  NO!!!!  Buying counterfeits is not a victimless crime.  Would you buy that belt if you knew your money directly funded child labor, organized crime, and terriorism? That is exactly what is happening! Counterfeit production is growing into a trillion dollar industry.

What seems like a harmless purchase on Amazon or Ebay is not harmless at all.  From a consumer level I can see how people think there is no harm in buying a few fakes, but because producing counterfeits is illegal the major players in the industry are crime bosses and known terrorist.  Think about who the people willing to break the law and set up illegal companies are?  They are not just innocently making counterfeit items. This is a major industry with huge amounts of money being made.  The profits are so good some crime organizations are moving out of selling drugs and into counterfeiting.  They use child labor where they have been caught chaining children to sewing machines and breaking their legs.  Buying fakes puts money in terrorist pockets used to buy weapons and bullets. Buying that fake Gucci belt could fund bullets for the next terrorist attack! It is not harmless to buy counterfeits!

The world of blogging and Instagram is helping the industry grow.  I cringe every time I see an influencer promote a fake item.  I know the majority probably don’t know the harm, but it’s time to start educating the industry.  Instagram and Facebook ads are flooded with sites selling designer fakes. I am not talking about the dupes or design copies of a bag or shoe.  We have all seen the Steve Madden dupes of the Hermes Oran sandals, or bags in Target that resemble the look of a designer bag.  Maybe not ethical to completely steal someones design, but not always illegal.  I am talking about counterfeits.  Please take a few minutes and watch this TED talk about the counterfeit industry and the harm.

So…how do you know if a site is selling authentic goods? I got questions about the Louboutin’s and items on Savannahs today.  Some were asking if they are real and legit.  I love getting that question because it means you care!  These are a few steps I take to vet out new sites I have never shopped at.

  1.  A quick google search to check for reviews and articles written about site.  If it’s a legitamite site there should be reviews and some form of publication about them.  Now, I take reviews with a grain of salt in terms of customer service because I feel people only take the time to review when they are angry.  Seldom do people review if it was a straight forward smooth purchase.  If reviews are about shipping time, bad return issues, and customer service I don’t let that deter me. That’s part of normal business.
  2. Check social media presence and who follows them.  If other legitimate boutiques and people follow them that’s a good sign.  Some smaller boutiques (especially in Europe) don’t always have a huge following.  I’m checking more if they have a presence and its linked to their website.
  3. Do they have a physical store?  If they do search google images and maps.  It should match their website address.  Often you can see a picture of the store on google images.  Check the phone number and call. Someone should pick up with the store name if they are real.  Some legit sites like Farfetch and Yoox (same company as Net-a-Porter) don’t have physical stores but they have tons of reviews, articles written about them, and publicly traded companies. If they don’t have a physical location it just takes a little more digging.
  4. One of the easiest ways to vet a site or store is to call the designer and ask if they are an authorized seller.  If the site is selling Louboutin’s and you are unsure, call Louboutin’s 1-800 number and ask if they are authorized to sell their products.  All designers will be able to let you know who is an authorized seller of their products.
  5.  If the site is a close-out site like TJ Maxx or JomaShop designers will not be able to say they are authorized sellers, but it doesn’t mean the items are fake. With those sites you have to rely on reputation and reviews.  Those businesses get their items from authorized sellers at a close out.  Check if they have a long standing business and solid reputation.


Louboutin Heel Height and Comfort

Which pair do you think are the most comfortable? The Peep-toe 110mm, Iriza 100mm, or Decollete 85mm? The answer might surprise you.


Oh Louboutin’s…you beautiful and sometimes painful things! When it comes to comfort Louboutin is not one of the brands you think of, however, some are definitely more comfortable than others.  I won’t even talk about So Kate’s or Pigalle 120 because I can’t even stand still in them.  They are gorgeous but not in the cards for me.  To me comfort comes down to one thing, the width of the heel.  For me the height isn’t always what makes them uncomfortable. In terms of comfort don’t just look at the height of the heel look at the width of the heel. That is what is going to make it more stable to walk and put less pressure on your foot. I have worn all 3 of these heels for a night out in Vegas.  Which is the true test of a shoes comfort level.  Hahahaha.

Peep-toe 110, Iriza 100, Decollete 85

By far the Peep-toe (older style don’t remember the name) 110mm is the most comfortable out of these 3.  The heel is the highest out of these but also has a platform and thicker heel. I feel the peep-toe helps the pressure of the front of the foot as well. If you are going for a heel over 100mm I would make sure it has a platform and possibly a peep-toe.  These platforms have everything a higher heel needs.  It has a peep toe, wider heel, and platform. I love these shoes!

Next in comfort out of these 3 is the Iriza 100mm.  It is my favorite of the Louboutin’s in look and comfort for a true stiletto that is 100mm. The skinnier the heel the less comfortable, but I do love this shoe.  For me I can wear them a tad longer than most Louboutin stiletto heels.  I wouldn’t say they are super comfortable, but they are manageable if you are looking for a killer stiletto look.

I had high hopes for the Decollete 85mm.  I don’t know if it’s just me but they kill my toes. I’m not sure if the cut-out of the Iriza makes them more comfortable, but these Decollete 85 were not as comfortable as the higher Iriza.   I wore these in Vegas and half way through the night bought different shoes to wear. While everyone sat down to dinner I snuck into Barneys to buy new shoes. Luckily, it was sale time and I grabbed Manolo Blahnik Hangisi flats for 60% off.  Perfect timing!  When I tried the Pigalle 85mm on in the store they were more comfortable for me, but I don’t own a pair yet.

I love the Pigalle Plato as well!  I have them in 100mm and 120mm.  I can walk all night in the 100. The pitch of the 120 makes them less comfortable but still manageable. The heel is wider than a traditional skinny stiletto.  That tiny bit of extra width makes all the difference.  The heel I absolutely LOVE is the Decollete Jazz 312.  It’s an older style and I got them in nude a few years ago and wish I would have bought the black too.  If anyone sees them please let me know.  🙂  It has a thicker heel than the new Decollete Jazz. I haven’t tried the new style but I have my eyes on them.  You know I refuse to pay retail so it’s a waiting and stalking game for me. Hahahah. The Almond toe and thicker heel makes them easy to walk in.

I have never paid retail for a pair of Louboutin’s and don’t plan on starting. Classic styles and colors can be hard to find for less than retail, but not impossible. Here are some links to some classics and other styles below retail. I know sometimes you have to pay retail but please don’t pay tax or shipping. Every dollar counts! 🙂 Here are some links.  

Happy Shopping!!!  🙂


How to keep OTK boots UP!


A few months ago I posted a new pair of OTK (over the knee) boots I got for a deal.  I love OTK boots but could never get them to stay up. Who is with me?  I asked you all for some suggestions and I tried a few.  I tried the thick socks, double sided tape, and tying them real tight.  I didn’t want to sew or alter the boots in anyway since my closet is always on rotation, and I never know when I will sell them.  Hahaha.  I wanted something I could use that was fast, easy, and didn’t need to be sewn on.

One day I was cleaning out my bathroom closet and found self adhesive wrap.  You know the kind you use for injuries and sprains?  A lightbulb went off and I wrapped one thigh with it, one without, put my boots on (tied tight), and strutted around the house. I wore them cleaning and organizing for over an hour.  It worked!  It was enough grip to keep them from slipping. The wraps are self adhesive and stick to whatever they come in contact with.  The above picture is the before and after of wearing them for an hour.  Left side no wrap and right side with wrap. I tried with just skin contact and it worked great too.

I went on Amazon and ordered some off brands because they matched the color of my boots, but they didn’t work as well.  Over the past few weeks I tried the CVS, Target, and 3M brands.  They all worked great. I like the thicker 3″ or 4″ width over the 2″.  Stays up better the thicker the width is.

It is super simple to do and does not alter or damage your boots in anyway.  I put my boots on and before I pull them up wrap my thighs 2 times around with the wrap and cut.  I wrap about 3/4″ below the top of where the boot hits. Pull the boots over the wrap and if the boots have strings, pull them tight and tie. That is it!  Below is how I wrap my thighs and an example of the one I used in this picture.  You can pick it up when you are at Target or here on Amazon.  Give it a try and let me know if it work for you too!  🙂